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3/24/12 3:15:32
Before you buy, check out the Blackberry Website and compare mdelos. Think of what you will be using your device for. The Blackberry Curve 8520 series is on the cheaper and basic side of the Blackberry scale. They are okay if you just want to chat, text, check e-mail, use social media, have your music and stuff like that. They are slow for browsing the web and watching youtube. The camera is not good (2 mp and no flash)The Curve 9300 3G is an upgrade from the 8520. It has 3G, more memory and a few better features. The rest is pretty much the same. Still same camera.If you want to spend more and have better devices with more memory, better camera and resolution, go for the Bold Series. Bold 9700 (3.2 mp camera and 256 onboard memory) or the Bold 9780(5 mp camera and 512 onboard memory) These ones are faster than the curve mdelos and have better media capabilities.The Bold 9900 bigger, wider and faster than other mdelos. WIth both a touch screen and a Qwerty board. Considered the B